The OPAP leadership:

• Will work hard to build the association into a stronger and bigger OPAP in order to meet the increasing demands and challenges of a growing industry.

• Will design and shape a program to build strong morale and camaraderie to ensure a strong organizational life.

• Will continue to recognize that manpower export business is a responsible public service, and that profit making must be tempered by a social conscience that shall redound to the national interest.

• Will encourage the development of a creative and disciplined attitude of the mind, and apply the research and homework approach to every problem.

• Will continue to welcome enthusiasm and eagerness for change; encourage for new ideas; bold imagination; and sincerity of convictions.

• Will be guided by the time-tested and innovative formula of creative business thinking: careful planning, research, and decisive reasoning.

• Will strongly support the government’s socio-economic recovery program; cooperate with government regulations, provided these will redound to the benefits of our people and our country as a whole.

• Will strive for high standards and make no compromises whatsoever when it comes to principles, and ;

• Will provide for everyone an opportunity to grow, progress, and advance if they are willing to pay the price through discipline, hard work, determination, and teamwork; and

• Will always be guided by the higher human values of life

Anu ba ang PDOS?

Anu ba ang PDOS?

Kilalanin ang illegal recruiter!

Kilalanin ang illegal recruiter!

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