The OPAP has a full-time Secretariat that takes care of its day-to-day affairs and provides services to members.

The President, who is the organization’s chief executive officer, exercises supervision over the Secretariat, executes and implements decisions of the Board of Directors, and proposes program, projects, and activities upon consultation and with the approval of the Board.

He exercises hands-on management of the OPAP business.

The OPAP conducts regular annual and quarterly general assemblies of its members.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors calls and presides over the monthly and special meetings of the Board, where OPAP policies are discussed and formulated. These policies are disseminated to the members through circulars, memorandums, advisories, letters, and other means of communication.

To its special audiences and the general public, the OPAP advocates for its mission, vision, goals and objectives through its media networking, and lobbying programs.